About us

Radio Mælkebøtten is a non-commercial radio station based in Fredericia, Denmark. It's a local radio station that has existed since 1988, producing everything from local news, music programs, magazines, and national and international news including EU related stuff. Due the very strong journalistic quality and effort, Radio Mælkebøtten begun very early to give the productions away to all other non-commercial radio stations in Denmark, including the national news.

The radio has a member in the board of the network of non-commercial radios. There are about 180 non-commercial radio stations across Denmark, covering approx. 2 million potential listeners all over the country. We send weekly productions out to these radios.

 Radio Mælkebøttens aim is democracy, between the following circles:

• Local participation and integration of citizens
• Regional participation and integration of citizens
• Country based participation and integration of citizens
• International participation and integration of citizens

Therefore a part of our broadcasts are also news stretching from local to European and international subjects. For instants we daily broadcast the United Nations Radio News, and the weekly English and Danish productions of Euranet (European Radio Network)